AppraiserSuite Increases Productivity

Streamlining market research and data refinement through integrating public record data, user calculations and MLS* into a single workspace allows for quicker and easier property valuations. ApprasierSuite makes USPAP compliance easier than ever, providing a PDF report that is the ideal solution for APOs, BPOs and other alternative valuation reports. When completing an appraisal on a standard URAR form, AppraiserSuite data can be easily imported to leading form population tools, eliminating hours of tedious manual entry.

When incorporated into an AMC’s order and fulfillment system, CoreLogic’s AppraiserSuite provides transparency into the appraisal process. AMCs obtain immediate access to pertinent information regarding the subject property value, property details, comparables and more.

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About CoreLogic

CoreLogic has the most comprehensive repository of public, contributory and proprietary data in the United States, which combines property and mortgage information; legal, parcel and geospatial data; motor vehicle records, criminal background records; national coverage eviction information, payday lending records, credit information, and tax records. The company’s proprietary algorithms and modeling capabilities allow it to analyze information assets and multidimensional data on multiple levels providing clients with unique analytics and customized outsourcing services.