Appraisal Management Companies

AppraiserSuite for Appraisal Management Companies

Quality Appraisals Through Integrated MLS & Public Record Data
Quality Control and appraisers can collaborate in real-time with AppraiserSuite – from assignment to completion. AppraiserSuite from CoreLogic provides instant access to standardized Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and public record data for both appraisers and quality control – helping to provide quality appraisals every time.

Benefits to AMCs

  • Boost Efficiency through MLS & Public Record integrated Search
  • Supports Valuation Process
  • Transparency into the Appraisal Process
  • Generates USPAP Compliant Desktop Appraisals
  • Includes CoreLogic AVMs
  • Access Through a Stand Alone Website or Integrate into Your Existing Technology Solutions

Transparency of the Valuation Process
AppraiserSuite provides transparency into property research and comparable selection process. An integrated workspace allows quality control teams and appraisers to collaborate on the appraisal process.  Appraisers provide access to their work in progress and archived files, expediting the review and data verification process.

  • Comparable ranking criteria can be customized to provide visibility into the comp selection process.
  • View property information, comp searches, adjustments and edits made to property profiles.

One Source for Property Information & Reports
AppraiserSuite supports appraisal and quality control efforts by providing a unified, real-time source for AVM data, property information, transaction history, comparables MLS listing data and more.

  • View property reports, comparables, maps and recorded property documents and more – all within a few simple key strokes.
  • AVMs provide rapid and precise evaluation of property value.
  • Listing and Market Activity Report lets you hone in on precise information to aid in your risk assessment with zip code-level market trends and statistics.

Advanced Search, Selection & Reconciliation Process for Appraisers

  • View comparables from MLS and public record within one unified search result
  • Quickly evaluate each property by listing status, foreclosures, Closing Date, Sale Price and more
  • Utilize leading mapping technology for additional insight into neighborhoods and nearby features
  • Reconciliation Form populates property data fields from MLS and public record side-by-side, highlighting data inconsistencies

Ready To Learn More?

Contact us to learn how your Appraisal Management Company can leverage MLS and public record data for quality control of appraisals. Be sure to ask for a demo to discover the AppraiserSuite and the benefits it offers both your appraisers and your AMC.