What if my local MLS is not covered by AppraiserSuite?

New MLS Boards are continuously being added to AppraiserSuite.  If your local MLS is not yet covered, AppraiserSuite will still be fully functional and you will have access to Nationwide Public Record information. Once your MLS is available within AppraiserSuite, you will be able to access it at no additional charge.  

If ApprasierSuite covers my local MLS, do I still need to be a member to use the MLS data in AppraiserSuite?

Yes. Appraisers will need to remain a member of their MLS and log in to AppraiserSuite using the log in credentials issued to them by their MLS.  If AppraiserSuite is being used for quality review purposes, access to MLS can be provided if needed during the review process.

I belong to more than one MLS. Can I switch between MLS data sources within AppraiserSuite?

Yes, provided that all MLS’s are covered by AppraiserSuite, you can access multiple sources of MLS data.

How reliable is the data from AppraiserSuite?

AppraiserSuite provides access to both Public Record and MLS data.  Public Record data is powered by CoreLogic, which is updated as frequently as the county provides the information.  MLS data is obtained directly from the MLS system.

Can I add my own photos of the subject property to my AppraiserSuite report?

Yes. AppraiserSuite allows you to add up to four photos per photo page for the subject property and one photo for comparables. These photos will appear within the final report displaying the property address and comments that are entered as the photo caption.

Does AppraiserSuite identify properties that are in foreclosure?

Yes. When pulling the Public Record data a property will be noted if foreclosure activity has been recorded.

How do I access and use AppraiserSuite?

AppraiserSuite is an easy to use, web based tool – all you will need is internet access and a web browser and you are ready to go. AMCs have the option to integrate AppraiserSuite into their existing order management system or use it as a stand-alone website.

What format are the alternative reports generated in?

AppraiserSuite reports are generated as PDF files and may be exported to XML files.  

Can I populate a 1004, 1073 or other forms with AppraiserSuite?

Yes! Once a your research is complete within AppraiserSuite, all of your selected or contributed data can be imported into leading form population tools to complete standard URAR forms.

Have more questions that aren’t covered here? Contact us at 855.227.7106 or email us: sales.res.ca@corelogic.com to find out more.